Long before Parisa Kaprealian's blog and career in event design, Parisa had a heart for the domestic arts of cooking, organizing and entertaining. She grew up in a creative environment much thanks to her mother who always had her hands in something pretty. She believes the atmosphere we create in our home is an important component to happiness, and that everyone should feel both inspired and at peace in their home. These values combined with her eye for pretty and experience in design and event production, led her to curate a collection of home accents. What started as a blog has truly evolved into a lifestyle and design brand. 

Parisa uses the same concept in curating home accents as she uses in the event designs she brings to fruition. She mixes traditional and modern design, to keep the flow of a transient, timeless aesthetic. Style evolves over time, and the trends of fashion and culture will always influence our preferences. But classic things are timeless, and a pretty collection of the simplest details is always at the heart of an evolving aesthetic. 

Parisa keeps the balance between what is sought after and what is custom or classic, through her endless attention to relevant and pretty little details. When she isn’t DIY'ing a new project, perfecting her family’s favorite recipes or curating recommendations for her audience, you can find Parisa engaged with her family. She’s creating memories, preserving cultural traditions and embarking on projects that only love can inspire. Whether you were welcomed into her home through an inspiring home accent, a recipe or an event, she hopes you leave inspired to prettify what makes you happy.

Welcome to the curated collection of Pretty Please Home.